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Passionate About Inspiring Others

      I grew up not giving my health any thought. I remember always being so tired, and not having any energy, and struggling with life, and thinking that was just how things were supposed to be. I also had a lot of fear, and let that hold me back from so much. I never gave much thought to what I was eating, and didn't realize that it was all connected. I would eat whatever was convenient, and told myself I didn't have time to exercise because I was so busy attempting to keep up with everything. 

        And then I had 3 kids, and my life became all about them and taking care of my family. I knew something had to change when I came to a point where I felt I was not able to go on, and I literally was going to have a nervous breakdown. It really scared me, and I set out to make some changes. 

       I found out that I had been neglecting my health for way too long. I had to start with changes inside with my mind and my thoughts. And then I started changing outside with eating better and adding some exercise and supplements into my life. All of these things have led me to now running my own health business, a great relationship with my family, and peace of mind. I am thankful I found my better life. Let me help you find yours!

At Cyndi's Better Life you get personalized coaching to help you find your path to healthy! 

  • Received LPN Certificate in 2012

  • Received Health Coaching Certificate in 2021

  • Over 20,000 hours of medical experience

  • Have worked as a nurse for over 9 years

  • Have been involved in health care for 11 years